The opportunity of a lifetime could wind up not only changing Christmas, but the life of its protagonist forever on the newest Lifetime holiday movies, “The Christmas Temp,” starring Sara Canning and Robin Dunne.

Canning is making her debut as a Lifetime Christmas movie star with this new film, with her most notable roles prior to this including Jacquelyn in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and Jenna Sommers in “The Vampire Diaries.” Dunne however, has acted in several holiday movies over the years, including Lifetime’s 2013 film “The Twelve Trees of Christmas,” Hallmark’s 2015 film “On the Twelfth Day of Christmas” and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries 2016 film “Sound of Christmas.” He is also in Uptv’s new film “The Christmas Chalet” as well.

The Christmas Temp
Sara Canning and Robin Dunne star in "The Christmas Temp." Lifetime

Interestingly enough, this also isn’t the first time Canning and Dunne have worked on a project together either. The pair previously worked together on Dunne’s “A.R.C.H.I.E. 2” in 2018 as well.

What will happen when they team up once again for their first Christmas movie together? Let’s find out.

“An out-of-work artist (Canning) discovers a special Christmas temp agency that matches her with a handful of festive jobs,” a synopsis for the film reads.

However, despite getting all of the holiday jobs she can handle, things quickly take an unexpected turn as it becomes too much. In addition, she also finds that she may have an unexpected spark with the person responsible for her many jobs.

“[She] falls into a creative rut while juggling holiday preparations and feelings for the agency’s HR manager (Dunner),” the synopsis states.

Will she end up securing the job of her dreams and finding her creative edge once again? Will love be one of the gifts she unwraps this Christmas? Or will everything wind up being as temporary as her job title suggests?

“The Christmas Temp” is produced by Chessler/Perlmutter Productions and airs Friday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.