Cindy Anthony testifies during her daughter Casey Anthony's first-degree murder trial in Orlando
Cindy Anthony testifies during day 18 of her daughter Casey Anthony's first-degree murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida June 14, 2011. Casey, 25, is standing trial in Florida on a first-degree murder charge stemming from her daughter's June 16, 2008 death. The trial, which has drawn widespread TV coverage and national attention, is in its fourth week. REUTERS/Red Huber/Pool

New revelations by Cindy Anthony on the 26th day of Casey Anthony murder trial have weakened the strong circumstantial evidence against the accused, Casey. Cindy Anthony, Casey's mother, testified in court that she had conducted Internet search on Chloroform in Anthonys' home computer. Cindy also said that the stain on the trunk liner of the car was already there when Cindy and her husband bought it from a used car dealership in Orlando.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick challenged Cindy's statements saying that her work records show that she wasn't at home when the Internet search on Chloroform was conducted. Cindy replied that she had flexible work hours and her work record often varied from reality.

A closer look at the testimony cuts a suspicious picture. Burdick asked whether Cindy was at home on March 17, 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m. But instead of replying with a clear Yes or No, Cindy said If those computer entries were made, then I was home.

Cindy said that the keyword for her search was Chlorophyll because she was worried that her dogs might get sick from eating bamboo leaves and she wanted to find a cure. The results for Chlorophyll search directed her to Chloroform, explained Cindy.

Cindy said that she searched for acetone, rubbing alcohol, alcohol, inhalation, peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide because she wanted to know more about these substances. She said she was concerned about Caylee's safety because these substances could cause potential harm to the child.

Cindy also said that she was on all the time while answering prosecutor's question regarding her Internet whereabouts. The content of a highly specialized website like is targeted at researchers and individuals with interest in learning about drugs in a nuanced and scientific way. Cindy has also claimed that she never typed the keywords how to make chloraform with the word chloroform misspelled, which is in disagreement with the deleted Internet search history obtained by forensics.

Loophole in Cindy's claims stems from the fact that the Internet records obtained by forensics were stored in the computer hard drive that stores deleted data. If Cindy had researched only out of concern for her granddaughter, she wouldn't have deleted the searches from the computer.

A computer forensics expert testified that keywords how to make chloraform was typed into the Anthonys' computer on March 21, just 20 seconds after a MySpace entry. It is Casey Anthony who was very active on MySpace while Cindy Anthony has denied using the site. Cindy has also denied typing the exact keywords how to make chloraform. It is highly unlikely that two different individuals could be using the same computer within a 20-second span to login to two completely different websites.

Defense attorneys maintain Caylee, 2-year-old daughter of Casey Anthony, drowned in the family's backyard pool. Her skeletal remains were found in woods near the Anthony family's home in the Orlando area on December 11, 2008, following a nationwide search.

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