Smart Grid networking would surpassed the internet to up to 100 times according to Marie Hattar, Vice President of Network Systems and Security, Cisco.

Cisco already outlined its strategy in high secure Smart Grid infrastructure plan to serve as a fundamental Platform for Utilities to Improve Energy Efficiency. Through smart grid initiatives, Cisco sees a big business opportunity in doing it eyeing the possibilities of a giant networking to every house.

Hattar, Cisco Vice President says that the scale of the smart grid could be up to 100 times bigger than an internet when ask by News@Cisco about the reason that makes the company a good fit in the smart grid industry.

We participated in building the Internet, and we see this as the next big network that's out there. If you think about what smart grid will offer, it will be 10 to 100 times bigger than the Internet because every home and business has electricity, and potentially every device in every home and business will participate in this network, Hattar said.

The company has already taken move in the smart grid arena. Recently, the firms partnered with General Electric and Florida Power & Light to build the nation's most comprehensive smart grid deployment in Miami, Fla., and it's engaged in a smart grid pilot with the City of Austin, Texas, among other projects in Europe and the United States.

Networking technology will serve as the platform of a smart, more secure energy grid for the 21st century. Cisco is uniquely positioned to provide a converged Smart Grid communications fabric and to assist our utility customers with the kind of business transformation that will enable the efficient, effective transmission of energy and deliver entirely new, environmentally-friendly services to consumers.

A smart grid is a new and hi-tech way of delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability.