Clash Of Clans Builder Base update has arrived, and players can’t stop complaining about its three-match loot limit. However, in a recent reddit AMA with Supercell staff, it confirmed the restriction is here to stay.

Here’s the exact quote from a development team moderator when asked about the prospect of changing loot limits.

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“The loot cap is here to stay. Balancing the Builder Base economy was a big and complex challenge. The team tried many different options before deciding on the current loot limit system, and we feel confident it’s the right choice. However, it’s no surprise to us that it has been generating some strong reactions.

The team strongly felt we shouldn’t release the Builder Base as a “second grind” to help keep play demands reasonable and respect active players’ time. Unlike in the main village, where progress is slow but you can grind through constantly, in the Builder Base progress comes in fast burst, but a the ability to grind is limited.”

In other words, the Builder Base loot limit is being kept in place for two main reasons. One, Supercell feels the cap is balanced enough to create the mode that was always envisioned. Second, making the Builder Base only accessible in short bursts allows players to experience more of what Clash Of Clans has to offer through variety in match types. It ensures players don’t spend too much time in one area of the app while also taking steps to make the second village feel like less of a grind.

While it is possible to reset the loot limit by paying a small cache of gems, hardcore players see that approach as a money-grabbing tactic designed to push microtransactions. Contrary to popular opinion, however, the current system was not demanded in any way by higher-ups within the company.

“The team operates completely independently and we receive no pressure outside of the team regarding monetization or anything else,” the moderator wrote. So, if you’re upset with having to pay gems to Gear Up your defenses faster, know that that shackle was designed by the same folks that have always handled production.

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The most interesting thing about Supercell’s firm loot limit stance is that it seems to contrast sharply with the position the studio appeared to be taking last week. Shortly after the update launched, forum moderators went far enough to ask fans to vote on a new concept where players could have unlimited Builder Base battles with a 10-match decline in the amount of loot earned for each victory. However, given the above statement, we suspect that, barring large-scale mutiny, nothing like that will come to pass. Players previously influenced change with the disastrous Town Hall 11 update in late 2015, so it’s possible the same could happen again. It’s just not in the cards right now.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

Are you frustrated that the Builder Base update loot limit is here to stay? Will Supercell change its mind in the future? Tell us in the comments section!