Clash Of Clans Builder Base update released earlier this week, and players are still trying to manage the ins and outs of the system. In a recent forum post, Supercell devs teased life beyond the Builder Hall, and, just like Versus Battles, speed is a promised focus.

Not much was mentioned with regard to specifics, but the Builder Hall is a primary outlet for expansion. Not only is the team interested in taking feedback from those currently enjoying its new mode, but there are also “several new Builder Hall levels slated for release” in the near future. That means more wacky troops, defenses and possibly even Heroes to mess around with in the PvP arena.

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Other upcoming areas of emphasis for the Builder Base include social play and greater connection to existing Clash Of Clans modes. Currently players are only able to “Gear Up” to add special Builder Hall abilities to Town Hall structures, but that is reportedly “only the start” of a much larger goal.

That news may be a bit disappointing for those who don’t enjoy the Versus Battle gameplay loop, but luckily the classic match types won’t be forgotten either. While Supercell spent six months between updates polishing the Builder Base, those long waits between patches won’t happen for the foreseeable future. Instead, the team has switched back to its former “rapid release cycle” for quickly enhancing all that Clash Of Clans has to offer. “It's time to get back to regular development of all aspects of the game, from the home village to Clan Wars,” the post reads. As such, more traditional players shouldn’t feel left behind.

Despite the big and different adjustments the Builder Base brings to Clash Of Clans, its reception has been somewhat mixed in its post-launch days. While clashers generally seem to appreciate the faster, troop-focused experience that Versus Battles offer, a major source of contention is the mode’s three-match loot limit. It means a restriction of just three matches per day unless one is willing to pay a small gem fee to reset the timer. The feature remains in place for now, but sources at Supercell are already actively looking at ways to make it less restrictive.

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For those who totally missed the loop on what the Builder Base update is all about, it’s essentially a second Village that allows two players to fight in simple and short live PvP battles. Troops train instantly and spells are not allowed. Just like the Town Hall base, there are special defenses, abilities and Heroes unique to the location. Players can also Gear Up certain buildings with special capabilities and migrate those advantages to the rest of the game. A few balance changes were added to the standard suite too, but they weren’t overly significant.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

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