Clash Of Clans fans have been vocal following the release of the Builder Base update, and one of its most despised features involves the three-battle cap placed on Versus Battles. In response to widespread negativity, Supercell forum moderators explained why the limitation exists and offered a possible alternative to it for a future patch.

As those who read the update’s full patch notes will likely know, the Builder Base offers a high-speed version of the existing Clash Of Clans formula called Versus Battles. For the new match type, two players battle each other in live PvP over a series of short rounds.

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That’s all well and good, but fan excitement quickly turned to outrage when players learned that activity on the new base is gated by a three-round limit. It meant that, while the new content was there, it couldn’t be accessed or expanded as much as the game’s longtime fans were hoping.

Amidst the backlash, Supercell moderator LachNessMeownster offered a post with some insight into why the feature works the way it does. "We tried the cap at eight hours instead of 24 hours, and we had max Builder Hall 5 in 10 days,” the post reads. “As it is currently, three attacks a day and you can max your Builder Hall rather easy. It's super slow to start, but, as you progress, it gets much easier.” In short, removing the cap would allow people to burn through this month’s content too quickly.

Beyond rationales, Lach has also asked members of the Clash Of Clans forum to vote on an alternate method of Builder Hall loot collection. While not official, a new implementation of the feature would allow players to participate in as many Versus Battles as they like but they would receive smaller loot bonuses as a result. For example, the first 10 Versus Battles in a day might offer 14,000 gold and elixir with additional bonuses happening at five and 10 wins. After that point, Battle Wins would only net 1,000 of each resource.

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A poll has been put up on this thread to ask interested fans if this is a system they would prefer. Lach adds that “if it's not, I will quite happily go back to the drawing board” to consider a new concept. In accord with fan complaints, it was also admitted that “one thing is for certain - the loot system needs change.”

As dedicated Clash Of Clans players will know, this loot limit controversy is far from the first time fans have fought back against Supercell to force radical change. When the Town Hall 11 update released in late 2015, critics bemoaned the patch’s loot collection problems and Personal Break Timers. The outcry forced Supercell to alter the timers and to introduce the Loot Cart. While Village Battles don’t significantly impact the rest of the game, their loot limit remains a near universal disappointment.

Clash Of Clans is available now on iOS and Android devices with the free Builder Base update.

Are you satisfied with Supercell’s answer to the loot limit crisis? Does the alternate system work for you? Tell us in the comments section!