'Clash Of Clans' May 2017 update
'Clash Of Clans'' May 2017 update is called the Builder Base, and it brings high-speed PvP to the game. New troops, a Gem Mine and a troublesome loot limit characterize the patch. 'Clash Of Clans' is available now on Android and iOS. Supercell/Facebook

Clash Of Clans ’ May 2017 update is called the Builder Base update, and official patch notes fully detail all of its new features. Want to know more about Versus Battles, the Gem Mine and new Heroes? We’ve got you covered.

The patch notes below have been edited for brevity. Note that many of the listed building and Hero tweaks only apply to one’s Builder Hall and not the rest of the game.

Set Sail For A New World

On the other side of the ocean, players will have a second base run by the Master Builder. Rebuild the Shipwreck after Town Hall 4 to reach his island. The resources you collect at your Town Hall base don’t matter here, but the player’s gem collection crosses over.

New Features

  • Archer Tower can toggle between fast attacks and long-range attacks
  • Multi-Mortar gets a tough, multi-barreled attack

New Buildings

  • Crusher: A defense that crushes enemies
  • Push Trap: It tosses troops in a direction of the player’s choosing
  • Gem Mine: It generally collects about two gems per day
  • Clock Tower: Boosts the speed of everything that happens in the Builder Base

New Abilities

  • Archer Cloak makes her briefly invisible
  • Boxer Giant Power Punch makes a huge initial attack

New Troops

  • Bomber: Tosses bombs that can blow up several buildings at once
  • Cannon Cart: A four-wheeled defense that can help at the front lines

New Hero

  • Battle Machine: It’s controlled by the Master Builder once players reach Build Hall level 5. It can be upgraded at level 5 with the Electric Hammer ability.

New Game Mode: Versus Mode

It’s live PvP. Competitors attack one another in short rounds and the best attack wins. Resources aren’t lost on defense. Players are limited to just three Versus Battles per day, but the clock can be reset by paying a few gems.

  • Troops train automatically
  • Walls come in segments
  • Players can’t be attacked while away.
  • Troops are trained in groups. Each Army Camp holds one group at a time. Upgrading troops allows more to fit in each camp.
  • No spells, only troop abilities

Gearing Up Impacts Your Town Hall Base

The one feature that does impact your Town Hall Base is Gearing Up. Certain defense abilities, like the Double Cannon, can be brought over to the Town Hall base. Gearing up is only allowed at specific time intervals.

It’s worth noting that the Builder Base features mentioned here aren’t the only additions in this update. Those who prefer to play the traditional Clash Of Clans modes are getting a few balance tweaks too. These include a slew of new spell levels, as well as buffs for Bombs and Balloons. For what it’s worth, all leaks mentioning a high-speed Night Mode and multiple Villages were essentially correct.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of the Clash Of Clans Builder Base update? Does it fulfill Supercell’s promises for the game’s biggest and most different update yet? Are you frustrated by the three-attack loot limit? Tell us in the comments section!