Clash Of Clans ’ next update has long been rumored to feature a new game mode, and Supercell recently confirmed the news in a forum post revision. Those expecting an impending release date, however, won’t be getting one anytime soon.

The news arrives via a recent update to Supercell’s update megathread. Studio moderator LachNessMeownster not only added Versus Battles to the patch’s list of confirmed features but has also said the content won’t arrive this week. It’s promised that a full release is still planned to happen in May, but launch will apparently happen in the month’s late days rather than its earlier ones.

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Beyond a name, however, there’s not much we officially know about how these so-called Versus Battles will work in-game. The name itself surfaced in notification screenshots that say “a player is ready for Versus Battle.” Leaks also tell us the new play style will allegedly operate independent of one’s Town Hall level so it can be open and accessible to all. The mode’s mechanics have been described as a greater game changer than 2014’s Clan Wars and a pseudo-sequel to the existing game.

If we’re taking fan theories into account, the idea of a Versus Battle sounds fairly similar to the 1v1 PvP combat made popular by Supercell’s other game, Clash Royale. The fact that notifications display when a player is ready to engage may or may not imply that the opponent has to be present and connected for a match to begin. This is obviously the complete opposite of the existing Clash Of Clans formula that relies on build times and extended turn taking. We expect that something will ultimately differentiate Versus Battles from Royale, but it’s hard to say precisely what form that uniqueness will take.

As those who’ve read the source post in the past will know, Supercell has gone on record to confirm what May’s update won’t feature as well. There will be no new levels for Town Halls, walls or Heroes. The Shipwreck boat has also been talked about a lot, but we expect that it’s essentially a means of unlocking and playing the Versus Battle mode. We’ve heard that it's accessible at Town Hall 4 and above and must be rebuilt with a very small cache of loot.

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Even though the May update has been hyped as one of the biggest and most different patches that Clash Of Clans has ever seen, there’s no denying that fans are starting to get a little restless for release. The update was first discussed at the end of April and has been in the polishing stages ever since. Not only is this an uncommonly long wait for results, but Supercell has further suppressed excitement by replacing traditional sneak peeks with some insultingly vague “Captain’s Log” teasers. As the wait for firm details stretches on, community emotions are running high.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you hope to see from a Versus Battle mode? Are you willing to wait for Clash Of Clans’ next update? Tell us in the comments section!