Clash Of Clans’ May 2017 update hasn’t released yet, but Supercell recently revealed the balance changes set to launch alongside the patch. New spell levels at Town Hall 10 and 11 will make Clones, Freezes and Heals more formidable than before. The full patch notes are below.

  • Clone Spell Level 5 (Town Hall 11): Clone spells haven’t been effective at high levels, so capacity is being raised overall. This means all cloning levels will get increased capacity with a maximum of 40. Clone Spell level 3 now unlocks at Town Hall 10.
  • Freeze Spell Level 6 (Town Hall 11): It allows your troops to spend more time attacking the Eagle Artillery.
  • Heal Spell Level 7 (Town Hall 10): The Inferno Tower greatly limits the use of Heal Spells, but this update will bring the situation back into balance.
  • Seventh Gold Mine & Elixir Collector Now Available At Town Hall 9: This makes loot collection easier on lower Town Hall levels.
  • Bomb Damage Increased: This ensures a Bomb can destroy a Wall Breaker of equal level.
  • Balloon Attack Rate Increased: Each bomb does less damage and the “fast drop” timing does not change. It softens the initial attack but subsequent ones happen faster.
  • Upgrade Time/Cost Discounts: Freeze Spell, Clone Spell and Heal Spell

In contrast to the balance changes released in March, these ones aren’t quite as impactful. In fact, most of the May update adjustments will only be felt by high-level players. That being said, the spell tweaks that have been made should create an interesting dynamic for those with the skill to make it to the top.

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Unfortunately, just like the highly-anticipated “big and different” update due sometime in the next couple weeks, these balance changes have no firm release date. As reported by us on Tuesday, the most accurate ETA we can offer for the patch is that it will be live before the month is over and won’t launch this week.

It’s no secret as to why this month’s changelog seems a bit shorter given the supposed high caliber of the new features that await loyal fans. Not much has been confirmed with regard to what we’ll see, but we do know that a Shipwreck is involved and it has loose ties to a new game mode called Versus Battle. Those who’ve had the privilege of testing the new content say it’s designed for players of any Town Hall level and it could in some ways be seen as a de facto sequel to the existing Clash Of Clans game. The name alone sounds like it will be a PvP offering similar to Clash Royale, but it’s not clear how one’s existing village and troops might impact the larger gameplay loop. Those who wish to learn more about the forthcoming update can check out Supercell’s absurdly vague “Captain’s Log” teasers.

Clash Of Clans is available now on iOS and Android. The balance update describe above is planned for release in May.

What do you think of the May update’s balance changes? Are they substantial enough to keep you interested in the standard Clash Of Clans modes? Tell us in the comments section!