Clash Of Clans’ next update is set to release soon, and Supercell just added to the fervor surrounding recent leaks. Official forum moderator LachNessMeownster has revealed an achievement featured in next week’s patch.

As seen in the embedded thread below, the limited reward offers players one to three stars for completing the “un-build it” challenge. Since no description of the task was offered, we have nothing new to report with regard to its meaning. LachNess was “happy to confirm it is indeed a new achievement,” but that’s all we know for now.

[MISC] A forum mod posted this on the official clash of clans discord from ClashOfClans

With so much left open to the imagination, there’s a lot that fans have been speculating about over the last few hours. Will players be able to “un-build” or sell their defenses as a means of engineering? Does it have ties to the confirmed Shipwreck feature that’s already been confirmed? Once the ship’s been built, can it be destroyed again and harvested for loot? Those are the sorts of ideas the game’s online community has been floating.

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More substantially, however, is the mounting discussion of the update’s supposed new game mode. Leaks from the Russian App Store showed screenshots of a Clash Of Clans ad that allegedly confirms a new way to play. The promotion simply features a Barbarian waving an Australian flag.

Not only does this territory-based symbol give credence to recent suggestions that Clash Of Clans may soon get a form of PvP play, but the leaked achievement might contribute to that chatter too. If players are constantly battling one another over limited space like the theory suggests, then maybe the act of “un-building” something involves destroying an opponent’s structure and putting yours up instead. In other words, the update’s mode could essentially be a Clash Of Clans variant of King Of The Hill.

It’s also worth noting that the game’s development team at Supercell has uncommonly invited 40 YouTube influencers to its home base in Finland to test the new content. Localized play in that manner is best suited for a mode that requires simultaneous logins. A match type where you’re constantly “un-building” and rebuilding territory would easily fit that bill.

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Clash Of Clans’ next update has been previously described as a patch that’s bigger and more different than anything else Supercell has released before. In tandem with that break from tradition is the announcement that no sneak peeks will be offered before the content goes live. Aside from a few “Captain’s Log” teasers that have revealed almost nothing, this tiny Supercell-sanctioned leak is about as close to a sneak peek as we may ever get.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS. At the time of writing, the game’s next update is scheduled to release by May 15 at the earliest.

What do you think of this “un-build it” achievement? Does it have ties to Clash Of Clans’ new game mode? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!