Clash Of Clans ’ next update is coming soon, and trailer leaks on reddit reveal the contents of Supercell’s next four teasers. There isn’t much in the way of reveals, but even the tiniest of clues may tell us more about the suspected new features.

Courtesy of user 69cupcake, we’ve got Chinese translations with titles and descriptions for the next four “Captain’s Log” teasers. Here’s what we know so far. The order of these may be off, but this is how we assume the narrative will play out.

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  • Day 6: “The Best Captain”: I began to doubt myself. Can I be a captain? Look what is that?
  • Day 5: “War Song”: I hummed the battle song to keep myself awake. Do you know what I’m singing?
  • Day 4: “Sailing Daily”: At sea I often play this game, but when can we go ashore?
  • Day 3: “Interesting Friends”: I might meet some new friends. Our celebration will be very interesting.

The leaks reveal the trailer thumbnails too, but there’s not much to say about them. We just get more shots of the Shipwreck ship and the Hog Rider piloting it.

From our perspective, the only true hint found in these descriptions are the mentions of a “game” the Hog Rider plays on Day 4. We’re immediately taken back to this leak that shows a Barbarian and Hog Rider possibly playing chess to take down a single base. Especially considering previous leaks from China have mentioned a Night Mode in the past, the fact that the players are strategizing by candlelight could be significant too. Is this the game the Hog Rider is talking about, and does it relate to a new way to play?

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One thing we can say is that, despite their nondescript nature, these leaks jive completely with everything we know about the sneak peek rollout so far. Taking a look at the Clash Of Clans Chinese site, we see that there are vacant spots for four more trailers. The details listed above plausibly fill those spaces.

The so-called “high-speed Night Mode” has been discussed by Clash Of Clans fans for weeks, but there are also other features that many believe May’s update will contain. Since it’s being featured so heavily in these trailers, it’s no secret that the Shipwreck will offer a major change to the basic formula fans have mastered. It’s assumed the ship will take your troops to a second village, but we don’t yet know what limitations exist for that additional base. Does it have to be smaller? Can it be attacked cooperatively? We’ll have to wait and see.

With such major changes on the horizon, we hope Supercell can avoid the catastrophe that arose with the addition of Town Hall 11 in late 2015. Like this update, that one was also teased as a massive game changer. Unfortunately, however, the features were so unbalanced that the developer was forced to release several apology patches just to reach a state of playable stability.

That being said, because these trailers seem to be rolling out somewhat slowly, it appears Supercell is being a bit more careful this time around. As of now, the update is scheduled to release sometime after May 11.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of these update leaks? Are you disappointed by Supercell’s teasers? Tell us in the comments section!