Clash Of Clans’ next update is coming soon, so Supercell has released a third teaser to promote its incoming arrival. The clip tells us almost nothing, but we’ve got official statements from Facebook and the forums that might offer some additional perspective.

The third "Captain’s Log" teaser can be watched below, but, honestly, there’s not much to say about it. After several days at sea, our lonely Hog Rider is starting to go nuts. The whole “I Spy” narrative fits with the “game” we mentioned in leaks earlier this week, so that seemingly confirms the roadmap we’ve established is apparently correct. That being said, next we should see Hog Rider humming some sort of battle song.

We know these teasers have been frustratingly pointless compared to traditional sneak peeks, and we may not have even covered this clip if there wasn’t more to share. As these lame hints slowly trickle out, you may be wondering when the update will get here. Recent posts from the Supercell team have enlightened us on that subject.

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In an official Facebook post published Wednesday, Supercell reps said: “We are still fine-tuning and testing some features to make sure everything goes smoothly when we are prepared to go live.” The message also advises that supporters “hang in there” as the process carries on. This isn’t much of a change from Supercell’s forum update from last week, but it’s at least a new example of communication.

The same can also be said of this forum post from a Supercell moderator. Username twister has confirmed that the update “is planned for this month” but “there is no update dropping before Sunday.” This statement aligns squarely with other moderator quotes that suggest fans should not expect a release before May 15. While there’s lots of speculation around the community that Monday is the actual launch day, we’d advise our readers not to get their hopes up. Even if the content is ready, third-party factors from Apple or Google could feasibly delay arrival a day or two more.

Those who have been involved with the Clash Of Clans community for a while should find solace in the fact that Supercell is taking its time to get these changes right. For all intents and purposes, it appears this new update may be the game’s biggest refresh since Town Hall 11 arrived in late 2015. As enthusiasts will likely recall, the early days of that patch weren’t exactly fun for players. From what we can see, Supercell is merely trying to avoid repeating such large-scale failures.

In the absence of official news from the Clash Of Clans creators, fans have turned their attention to a series of leaks from various sources around the world. If that evidence is to be believed, Clash Of Clans’ May update is expected to feature a Shipwreck with multi-Village travel and a new mode. While largely unconfirmed, the most common theory is that the new gameplay style might be some sort of live PvP offering.

Clash Of Clans is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Are you getting frustrated by these update teasers? Are you willing to wait to make sure the patch is solid? Tell us in the comments section!