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With continuously growing public interest in climate change and measuring greenhouse gas emissions, the terms "net-zero" and "carbon neutral" have become really popular. In some cases, these have become merely marketing terms, resulting in a phenomenon known as greenwashing, which misleadingly presents a company or its products as sustainable or environmentally friendly.

GTherm, Inc., an innovative clean energy company based in Houston, Texas, is looking to work with capital and strategic partners that are genuinely determined to implement profitable and clean energy solutions on a worldwide basis. GTherm has developed the GTSystem technology, which enables NetZeroNow® baseload electricity generation using existing oil and gas resources. The company's NetZeroNow® vision seeks to aid the energy industry as it transitions towards renewable forms of energy generation while achieving net zero well ahead of schedule.

GTSystem generates low-cost power from existing oil and gas resources while capturing the produced CO2 directly after combustion before it is released into the atmosphere. CO2 is combined with heated brine, another byproduct of power generation, and pumped into the oil reservoir, as part of GTherm's patented Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process. Aside from sequestering the CO2 underground, this also changes the viscosity of the hydrocarbons and allows it to flow more easily. GTherm's oscillators send wave impulses throughout the reservoir, allowing more efficient volumetric extraction of hydrocarbons. This model is sustainable and profitable, even without the carbon sequestration subsidies provided by governments. The CO2 and nitrogen byproducts are also supplied to greenhouses to improve crop production.

GTherm has developed this technology and secured patents for its ground-breaking work. Today, it is seeking to work with capital and strategic partners – across the US and worldwide – in applying its technology to the energy industry.

According to GTherm Chairman and CEO Michael Parrella, GTherm can turn oil, gas, and coal fields into NetZeroNow® operations, as well as turn depleted and underperforming fields into energy companies. In Texas alone, there are millions of depleted oil wells, and GTherm will be able to make most of these productive again. Meanwhile, the technology can also help developing countries like Nigeria, which, despite significant oil and gas resources, still struggles with energy shortages. It can help stabilize the grid while cutting down on net carbon emissions.

Parrella adds that the GTSystem technology complements the growing trend of on-site energy generation by data center operators, due to the need for stable power for these data centers' energy-intensive operations, especially for cryptocurrency and AI applications. Delivering low-cost, clean energy to data centers, allows them to be more profitable.

With regard to the partners GTherm will work with, Parrella says the company is looking for businesses or individuals who are genuinely willing to explore solutions to the challenges posed by the energy transition. While renewable energy technology has advanced greatly over the past years, they have yet to achieve the level of reliability in supplying baseload power. Many areas also do not have the available infrastructure for renewables, so achieving net zero on hydrocarbon-based power will be a huge help to meeting environmental commitments and minimizing negative impact while the infrastructure and technology catch up.

GTherm can burn gas and/or oil from the reservoir to generate electricity, sequestering the CO2 will create NetZeroNow® cradle to grave.

"Many companies don't have a specific plan or technology to get them to net-zero, but GTherm does," Parrella says. "We have a process and a plan that will get us there now. This is really meaningful, as the world can't wait until 2050 to start figuring it out. We want to work with investors and partners that are willing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We look forward to them joining us in helping achieve a realistic and successful energy transition, in a way that is clean, integrated, and profitable."