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Many entrepreneurs entertain notions of one day changing the world, and in doing so, becoming wealthy beyond their imagination. Fueled by such lofty visions, these go-getters strive to better themselves and enrich their chosen market with a product or service that helps clients in a tangible way.

Of course, even the most single-minded visionaries need some help along the way. Step forward Clients on Demand, the California-based coaching program that combines hands-on mentorship with results-driven strategies.

Demand for such programs never seems to wane. Amazingly, the business coaching industry has grown by 1% each year since 2015, and it’s currently valued at an eye-watering $11.6 billion.

A Bitter Truth: Success Is Hard

Although the established trope suggests entrepreneurs are unshakeable shot-callers, a penchant for seeking counsel is something all good business owners have in common: even the brightest, most decisive individual can’t go it alone. Created by Russ Ruffino to help individuals generate leads, penetrate new markets and expand their operations, Clients on Demand markets itself as the last coaching program you’ll ever need.

So what makes COD different from the countless coaching programs that invariably bombard business owners with ads on Facebook? Well, for starters, it doesn’t promise clients the world. “Success is hard,” reads a disclaimer on the company website. “If you are looking for Get Rich Quick or Get Rich Easy, look elsewhere.”

What’s more, the company rails against “complicated funnels and sales processes” while painstakingly describing the sort of entrepreneurs they want to work with; a sure sign that they care more about establishing impactful professional relationships than filling their coffers. Despite discouraging a certain type of entrepreneur from even getting in touch, Clients on Demand surpassed $20 million revenue in 2019 and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 500 fastest-growing companies.

100% virtual even before the pandemic hit, Clients on Demand employs a team of specialists – mindset coaches, copywriting pros, Facebook Ads gurus, enrolment experts – to help clients achieve better results and scale up. Those clients include online entrepreneurs, relationship coaches, doctors, personal trainers, thought leaders – just about anyone with designs on growing their income and providing outstanding service.

A Lifesaving Coaching Program

Karen Coffey is one of thousands of business owners Clients on Demand has mentored over the years, and one of its biggest success stories. Interestingly, Karen creates intensive coaching programs for female real estate professionals herself. But as a wise soul once observed, even Michael Jordan had a coach.

“I’d had mentors and coaches throughout my career, for about 20 years, and all of them were great in their own way,” Karen acknowledges. “None of them brought me to the financial levels that I wanted, though. And so when I found COD, I did $1.2 million in my first year with their support. That was by far the best experience I had ever had – COD was a shining star.”

It’s safe to say all students of Clients on Demand are at different stages in their entrepreneurial evolution. Some may be six months in and juggling business duties with a part- or full-time job; others are desperate to expand beyond the confines of a modest office or to ship internationally. For her part, Karen Coffey had already built a respectable, profitable business; but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t graduate to the next rung of the ladder.

“Before I found Clients on Demand, I had spent over $100,000 trying to find someone to take me to the next level,” she remembers. “I was also in a low spot in my life – 40 pounds overweight, in debt, stuck in a horrible marriage. I had booked one of Russ’s webinars years ago and as I began to pray for an answer, I decided to click on it and listen to this guy again.

“Russ genuinely saved my life because he changed my perspective and helped me pivot out of a horrible situation. Now I am 40 pounds down, I escaped that emotionally abusive relationship, I found an amazing man that I am married to today. My business, of course, has just shot through the roof with exponential growth. We will close around $5 million this year.”

The Meaning of High-Performance Coaching

Karen Coffey is the sort of mentee Clients on Demand was built for: coachable, resourceful and entirely committed to helping her own clients win. Clients on Demand don’t promise to do the legwork and pass on the easy profits; merely to help businesspeople maximize their talent by implementing battle-tested strategies and building momentum.

The phrase “high-performance coaching” might call to mind soulless corporatists obsessing over graphs and charts, but testimonials like Karen’s highlights the humanism beneath the glossy exterior. Clients on Demand is famously community-focused, with members helping each other achieve success and attain their goals. Coaches, meanwhile, place an emphasis on building long-lasting relationships with pupils.

“When my son was going through rehab for the sixth time, and I just didn’t know if he was going to live, Lisa at COD reached out and sent flowers. The team was always checking on me, even early on, and I appreciate that and remember that today. They helped me keep my head on straight during a very stressful time. It’s not just about money, it’s about life.”

Karen Coffey seems as grateful to Clients on Demand for their personal support as their business nous – no surprise given she credits Founder Russ Ruffino with saving her life. But where would her business be without their guidance?

“I like to think I’m pretty smart, but not that smart. I was smart enough to follow the program, but I could never have figured it out on my own,” she admits. “Honestly, I would attribute 100% of my success to the lessons of Russ and the COD team.”

These are uncertain times for businesses the world over. But in darkness, it’s vital to locate an aperture of guiding light. If Karen Coffey’s story is anything to go by, Clients on Demand can do more than level up one’s business; it can imbue a life with purpose.