The woman who jumped over a visitor safety barrier and into an African lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo was either too brave or too careless to put herself in danger or being shredded to pieces by one of the top predators of the animal kingdom.

Zoos are supposed to keep animals and humans apart for a number of reasons. One – and probably the most important – is that some of them can literally kill a person without even breaking a sweat. Zoos are family-friendly establishments, too. But if you wanted to test your faith and go face to face with a lion, it just takes out the fun.

The video of the woman was posted over on Instagram and it clearly showed that she wasn't scared of the beast. She was even dancing and taunting the lion. At some point, she even said “Baby! I love you!” to the animal.

The lion, perplexed at the untimely visitor, even came forward a few times. The woman remained calm, but at some point, onlookers were afraid that the lion might just have her for dinner.

“This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death,” said a Bronx Zoo representative after the feat.

The statement added that they have “zero tolerance” on these kinds of acts, and barriers were built to keep both animals and visitors safe.

Seven-year-old lions Izu and Mina explore the renovated Lion Camp exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
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One bystander even screamed at the woman that she wasn't allowed to do what she was thinking. Another asked if someone can tell her to go back.

Instead of listening, she just kept on going.

CNN said it was unclear on how the woman “got over the barrier” or how long was she inside the enclosure.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) were notified Tuesday and no arrests were made. The zoo, however, filed a criminal trespass complaint against the woman.

The woman's Instagram post with a caption, “I really have no fear of nothing breathing!!” and claimed that animals can also “feel love” just like humans.

Apparently, queenempress_myahlaree is a devoted Hebrew Israelite and was proud of what she did.

“Go In With The Lions!!! Made it Out Alive,” continued the caption on her post. Some lauded her action, while others told her a piece of their mind.

The woman and the lion were not injured in the incident, and the exhibited remained open to the public.