‘Code Black’
Will Guthrie (William Allen Young) be able to survive the surgery for his Parkinson's in "Code Black" Season 2, episode 13? CBS

“Code Black” Season 2, episode 13 will feature a touching scene between Guthrie (William Allen Young) and his son, Cole (Cress Williams).

In the promo released by CBS for “Unfinished Business,” Guthrie has to make a tough decision whether or not he will undergo a dangerous surgery for his Parkinson’s. But when he tells his son his plan, the two male characters break down in tears. By the looks of it, Guthrie will undergo surgery, and since there will be complications, he will apologize to Cole for not spending more time with him. Cole recently landed a job at Angels Memorial, and Guthrie was surprised to know that they were related.

Another scene from the promo for episode 13 shows Guthrie reminding his son why he’s working at the hospital. Cole has doubts that he may not be in the right field, and Guthrie tells him that being a doctor is not his job but his calling. The “miraculous” and emotional episode ends with Guthrie looking toward the ceiling and then closing his eyes before opening the operating room door.

Meanwhile, “Code Black” Season 2, episode 12, titled “One In A Million,” revolved around Dr. Leanne (Marcia Gay Harden) disobeying Campbell’s (Boris Kodjoe) order to not use the hospital helicopter. But since she was desperate to reunite the family of her patient for the last time, Dr. Leanne decided to break the rule. To her surprise, her patient, who has had near death experiences one too many times, got better when he got the chance to talk to his family. Elsewhere, Willis (Regan Burns) and Noah (Emily Tyra) used an app on their mobile device to communicate with a young girl with autism.

“Code Black” Season 2, episode 13 will air on CBS on Jan. 11 at 9 p.m. EST.