Chances are most people have seen the creepy-little-girl-in-the-elevator prank by now, but the latest sequel is a coffin-and-corpse gag that, yet again, pranks unsuspecting Brazilians in elevators.

The new clip has already gone viral on YouTube with more than 7 million views: “Programa Silvio Santos” appears to have another success on its hands by scaring the daylights out of its victims -- while the rest of the world twistedly gets a huge laugh out of it.

In this sequel to “The Ring"-girl-style prank, a coffin is pushed into an elevator by workers as an unsuspecting user waits. The workers leave the coffin in the elevator while they go get a large wreath, but before they can return, the doors close, leaving the elevator passenger alone with the coffin.

For the few who attempt to open the elevator doors for the workers, their efforts are moot. For some, the lights begin to flicker, before a shot of the apparent corpse in the coffin is shown winking at the audience.

Before the passengers get off the elevator, the supposed corpse falls out of the coffin, frightening the victims.

But the prank doesn’t stop there.

It goes further when the corpse seems to come to life in true zombie form by reaching its arms out to the elevator passengers.

Each of the victims take the shock differently, with some screaming at the top of their lungs and others trying to pry their way out of the elevator and bolt past the workers.

It’s not as funny as the first video, but it’s still a good for a laugh or two.

If you have yet to see the new "Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank in Brazil" video, make sure you check it out below: