• The realty company that helped the homeowner buy the house said it wasn't aware of any snake infestation
  • Amber Hall said 10 relatively large snakes have already been found since the first one was discovered
  • She has spent a total of $1,000 so far on getting rid of the snakes

A homebuyer in Centennial, Colorado, was left flabbergasted when she discovered that the new house she recently moved into with her children was infested with "shockingly big" snakes.

Amber Hall, 42, was initially elated to move into her new four-bedroom, two-bathroom home as she could see her two children and two dogs loving the house and the spacious backyard. However, that joy turned into shock when she found out that she already had boarders slithering behind the walls of the house.

"I was trying to unpack, and my dog crouched down and he started walking over here really slow," Hall told Denver7 as she pointed to a door along the back wall of her garage that leads to the yard.

"I came over to see what he was looking at, thinking it was like a spider or something, and there were two little holes right here and I saw snakes slither up the wall. So, I panicked," she said.

The snakes were relatively large in size and coiled up right next to the door in a wall crevice.

When she placed her hand on the wall, she could feel warmth, which could only mean that there were more snakes hiding there.

Hall said that ever since the first snake was discovered 10 days ago, a total of 10 snakes have already been found.

"Shockingly big," she said of the snakes. "After all the research, everybody's saying they're some form of garter snake. But they're also giving the caveat that nobody's ever seen their garter snake that big."

She said that she couldn't unpack her things from their boxes as she feared that snakes were hiding in or under them.

"I can't unpack any of my stuff because I'm definitely afraid that there's snakes in the boxes or under the boxes ... It's like you crawl into bed, and if the sheet brushes your foot or something, you immediately rip the covers off or jump out of bed to make sure nothing's in there," Hall said.

She immediately hired a snake wrangler to help remove the snakes safely and humanely. No snakes have been harmed in the process.

The snake wrangler said that some of the snakes must have been living in the house for at least two years judging by just their sizes.

"It's rough. I'm 42 years old, and this is my first home. I've worked my whole life for it, and I can't enjoy it. My kids can enjoy it. I'm scared to death," Hall said.

She said that she has already spent around $1,000 so far on removing the snakes.

Hall said she's not sure she would feel comfortable living in the house until the nest of the snakes is found.

While the homeowner suggested that she likely wasn't the first to find the animals, the realty company that helped Hall buy the home told Denver7 that it didn't know about the snakes lurking in the house. Otherwise, it would have informed Hall about it, the company claimed.

The realty company also said that it was the first time that a snake infestation was found in any of the properties that it was handling.

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