[08:10] Former footballer David Beckham and his mother Sandra Beckham
Former footballer David Beckham and his mother Sandra Beckham at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, July 9, 2015. Reuters/Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool

David Beckham’s H&M Modern Essentials collection new campaign is ready. The Swedish multinational retail clothing brand released a teaser trailer for its fall ads on Tuesday. The retired footballer was joined by comedian Kevin Hart for his campaign.

The former Manchester United player has teamed up with Hart for the hilarious video. The “Paper Soldiers” actor plays a method actor in the teaser trying to copy Beckham. In the video clip, the former footballer shows off his acting skills.

The 40-year-old pretends to be bemused by Kevin’s actions, which include copying him on set and joining him in his home. They also sport matching looks. The Hollywood comedian is seen spending a day in the life of the legendary footballer. Hart tries method acting to prepare for his leading role in a fake film titled “I Beckham.”

The comedian, who is currently touring with his stand-up show “What Now?” revealed that it had been his “dream” to work with David. “To be able to make fun of a global icon like David Beckham is a comedian’s dream,” he said in a statement. Hart added that he loved fashion as well as sports and that was the main reason why he took up the opportunity to star in David’s new H&M campaign.

The comedian can be currently seen in “The Wedding Ringer” and also “Get Hard” with Will Farrell. His stand-up comedy show’s tickets will go on sale on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Hart will also perform in Regina on Nov. 18.

Meanwhile, David also shares the same admiration for the 36-year-old actor. He gushed about Hart and said that the “About Last Night” actor was one of the funniest and smartest guys around. Beckham added that he loved to come up with unexpected ideas for his H&M campaigns and hoped that his fans would enjoy watching it as much as he did making it.

The Modern Essentials collection has been curated by Beckham and will hit stores on Oct. 1. Meanwhile, the retired footballer’s new short film “Outlaws” by Belstaff has also released. Becks is a daredevil motor biker in the film and plays the role of The Stranger.