The cast members of Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” were revealed along with the first look of the superhero film, to be directed by Peyton Reed, at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego.

Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Corey Stoll are set to join Paul Rudd, who will play Ant-Man, in the film produced by Kevin Feige. It was announced at the panel that Lilly will play the role of Hope Pym, while Douglas will play her father Hank Pym. “House of Cards” star Stoll will play the villain Darren Cross, also known as “Yellow Jacket.”

"I can't tell you anything else about her because I don't know. I've been evading the press over the last two days at Comic-Con about who I'll be playing,” Lilly reportedly said.

Rudd, who made his debut at Comic-Con, spoke about his role in the film, calling it “a mind-bender,” and also added that he is excited about being a part of Marvel.

Douglas, who said he has so far been seen in “contemporary movies without any special effects,” added that he has always looked at Marvel films “with tremendous envy,” and is excited about being a part of one now.

Reed, who took over the film from Edgar Wright after he left over creative differences, said that this was his “20th anniversary visit to Comic-Con,” and has always been an “Ant-Man” fan.

In an interview after the panel, Rudd reportedly said that the departure of Wright from the film was “a bit intense” for the cast and “it undoubtedly hit some speed bumps.

"I'm just thrilled that we're at where we're at now... And I know it will continue to evolve."

Lilly also reportedly spoke about Wright saying that it was he who "had been the guy to really rope us in. And his vision and his excitement and his passion and his ability as a filmmaker was part of the appeal, originally.

“He really constructed the foundation and the backbone of what we are going to work from," she reportedly said. “And we just want to do right by him and make him proud.”

Feige reportedly said that the production of the film is expected to begin in the next two weeks and the film will release sometime in summer 2015.