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Ralp Narciso
Photo credit: Ralp Narciso

Canada remains one of the most sought-after destinations for immigrants from across the world. People from different countries continue to make their way to Canada in pursuit of a better life. Ralp, dreaming of a prosperous future, migrated to Canada at an early age with his family in search of opportunities.

Like many other immigrants, it was not easy for Ralp to start everything fresh and make a living for himself and his family. His determination, amidst all the struggles and uncertainties he endured, shaped his successful journey towards entrepreneurship.

Today, his company, Rain or Shine Window Cleaning, is one of the biggest in Canada, providing window cleaning services across the four main cities in two provinces. Apart from the success, what makes Ralp and his company unique is the fact that they reserve the majority of the openings in their company for immigrants from across the globe. They hire immigrants who have no proven experience and provide them with extensive training to become expert professionals and help them earn a significant income in the company.

"As an owner, I was an immigrant, and I know how it feels to seek opportunities and be rejected. Hiring immigrants is vital because they are what makes up the economy, they are valuable, hard workers, and most importantly, they are determined to succeed because they have come from very little. At Rain or Shine, we provide opportunities for those who are willing to work," says Ralp Adams Narciso CEO of Rain or Shine Window Cleaning.

Ralp ventured to Canada in 2010, when he was just 18-years old. Born in the tropics of the Philippines, he had a humble upbringing. Ralp's family was dependent, as he was the only one who was able to obtain employment, and the responsibilities weighed heavily.

Being an immigrant with little formal education and only basic knowledge of English made it extremely difficult to find a job. After being involved in some odd work he started a permanent role as a window cleaner in Toronto. The job came with many challenges, one of which was acrophobia; this, however, did not deter Ralp from achieving his goals.

As days and months passed, he conquered his fear of heights and became an expert in his profession. He learned the industry in-depth and identified the unearthed opportunities it offered as a potential business. He started his company, Rain or Shine, which provides professional, high-level window cleaning and all other building cleaning services. In 2012 the company became limited and Rain or Shine Window Cleaning rendered quality window cleaning for residential, high-rise, and commercial buildings.

"Our policy and commitment towards quality, along with our core values, have ensured us steady growth in a competitive market. It also helped us to retain the loyalty and custom of several clients at that time, and many of them have been with us for many years. Our staff are well trained with several time-served years of experience in all aspects of high-level window cleaning and associated building cleaning,", says Ralp Narciso, Founder and CEO of Rain or Shine Window Cleaning.

Ralp, a boy from the Philippines, proved to be the epitome that hard work pays off and that with perseverance and determination, nothing is impossible. Staying true to his values and core, the entrepreneur embodies his love for helping others by providing opportunities to those who are willing to work hard.