Talk show host Conan O'Brien perched himself in front Facebook on Tuesday sending out a steady stream of status updates in a much-watched live-blog.

Announcing that he has chosen to abandon Twitter, probably the more popular tool for live blogs, and chose the social networking site, Conan tweeted: Sorry, Twitter. I'm going to be unfaithful to you tonight. I'm liveblogging tonight's show on Facebook right now.

Oprah and Piers Morgan are among the high-profile talk show hosts who recently live-tweeted their shows.

Conan, however, broke the convention by picking Facebook, where he received considerable amount of response judging by the number of comments and Likes that filled the page.

Besides some behind-the-scenes revelations, Conan kept up the fans on fun facts, as well as did-not-need-to-know-that details such as the wifi signal in toilet.

Shhhh! I'm peeing right now, Wifi works in the bathroom. Is it weird that I'm sitting down? he posted at 11:53.

He saved the best for the last, joking We don't run credits because I do everything myself, at the end of the show.

In a couple video clips posted on his wall, Conan also answered questions.

Start the slideshow to see the full transcript of the live blog accompanied by photos of Conan posted on Facebook: