The Connecticut school shooting on Friday is having a huge impact on the entire U.S., and Twitter is reacting.

As hearts break across the country, an alleged farewell letter purportedly written by a student went viral. 

People cannot believe that someone would be so cruel as to kill 26 people, with 20 of them being children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Eighteen students died at the mass-shooting site, and another two children died in the hospital.

There is an undeniable sadness that is resonating with everyone. Even people who didn’t know someone affected by the shooting were devastated by the news.

Twitter users took to the social-media site to share their condolences and thoughts on the Connecticut school shooting.

“What sick human being would ever shoot an innocent child? Those kids are going to heaven & we know where you're going. #CTshooting #PRAYforCT,” @LegitVincent tweeted.

“My prayers go to all the families of the #ctshooting,” @Drrakeee wrote.

“Nobody deserves to go through what those children and families are going through right now. #ctshooting,” @SawBall tweeted.

“I am so sick to my stomach about the shooting today. I will be praying for you all ... #ctshooting,” @RyanNovotney wrote.

There’s also a letter that has gone viral on the site that is said to have been written by one of the little girls who was killed.

According to Twitter's popular tweets, the child wrote a good-bye letter to her father who is suffering with a brain tumor.

The farewell note reads: “I’m so sorry daddy, a man is here and he is going to kill us. I’m sorry I will never see you again, tell kate and russ thatme loves them and I will never forget my family. I love mummy but I love daddy more, you’re so brave fighting the tumor, I love you so very much. I hope you’re reading this daddy, I love you more than anything in the world … if you don’t make it through your tumor then I’ll see you in heaven, we could maybe meet up for a coffee. Me and Mrs. Maddison are stuck and we’re probably going soon, I love you daddy, mummy an everybody else.”

It’s not yet known whether or not the viral note was actually written by one of the children involved in the Connecticut shootings.