Here's a representative image of two dogs from their cage at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter in San Bernardino, California, Feb. 4, 2014. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

A Connecticut woman who allegedly left a dog outside her house to die in the bitter cold was arrested, Thursday, for animal cruelty after police found the canine frozen to death on New Year’s Day. The dog was named BJ.

According to the police, they responded to the scene after a neighbor informed them about the condition of the 3-year-old male pit bull.

Michelle Bennett, 50, had knowingly left the animal out of the house. When the police asked Bennett about the dead dog found in the backyard of her house, Bennett calmly replied, "yeah I know."

According to a report in CBS News, Hartford police said Bennett claimed the dog belonged to her stepbrother. Her stepbrother was arrested and imprisoned in 2017 on unrelated charges, and the dog was left at her place.

The dog was examined by a veterinarian who said the animal was "frozen solid." The veterinarian claimed the dog also appeared to be malnourished and was underweight for its size. It was also believed that the dog was lying in its own feces.

According to a report by the CBS-affiliated television station WFSB, animal law advocates said Bennett left the dog outside for about a month without food or water.

Bennett told the police, "I didn't have anything to do with that." She also told police it wasn't her responsibility to take care of the canine.

She informed the police that someone was assigned to come and feed the dog every day, but she did not know who the person was.

Bennett has been strictly asked to not own any pets as the case goes on. She has been asked to stay away from all animals or pets and not to care for them directly or indirectly in any way.

The animal cruelty charge she faces is a misdemeanor, but a judge said it could be upgraded to a felony after it is reviewed in court.

Members of animal advocate group Desmond’s Army were at the court house in support of BJ.

Donna Ploss, a member of the group told WFSB: "It was avoidable and I was furious because, the law is very specific: You care for a dog, it’s your dog."

Another member of the group, Deanna Damen said: "You cannot leave animals outside and people are responsible to make sure that animals are fed and if there is a problem contact the proper authorities."

"This case took a piece of my heart. They all do but this kept me up at night and we need justice," said Mariette Slater, another member of Desmond's Army.

Bennett’s next court appearance is scheduled to be on Feb. 5.