Christopher Jordan Dorner allegedly shot two Riverside Police Department officers in Los Angeles around 1:30 a.m. Thursday while they were on a routine patrol. Handout

A conspiracy theorist has released a video alleging that the manhunt for LAPD officer Christopher Dorner is a hoax, even as authorities continue to search for the man suspected of shooting a number of victims Thursday, three of whom were killed in his alleged quest to murder law enforcement officers throughout Southern California.

The conspiracy video went live on YouTube Thursday after police released information about a manifesto posted on Dorner's Facebook wall that threatens police officers throughout the region, and explained that they believe he is on the hunt for police officers of all sorts, though his manifesto included threats aimed not only at cops in general, but also at individual officers.

Fear of the gunman's capacity to continue to kill police officers has led law enforcement agencies in the region to take a defensive stance and stop responding to small-time 911 calls in order to avoid public appearances until the alleged killing spree comes to an end, according to ABC News.

"The person we suspect of doing this is mobile, and with California's interstate highway system, every hour that goes by that's another 60 or 70 or 80 miles or greater circumference, it is a very wide net," Police Chief Sergio Diaz of the Riverside told ABC.

But YouTube user "dave j," who has a long history of posting and discussing conspiracy and hoax videos on the popular video-sharing site, has released a video calling the entire situation into question, claiming that the shootings and the ensuing manhunt are nothing more than a ruse by California law enforcement agencies looking to instill fear in the populace and seize greater control of the public.

The video, entitled "LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner HOAX HOAX," provides so-called "evidence" to back up his claim, but no law enforcement agency has come forward to endorse or even acknowledge any of the points he makes about the manhunt he considers to be a fake.

"This is a hoax, this officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, it's a hoax drill and it's set up for the very simple reason to get the police agitated with the citizens, the citizens to accept more police involvement in their lives on the streets and give you a reason why they're going to want to stop you and set up roadblocks and do all kinds of other things," the video's narrator states. "And you will accept it. Why? Because they're telling you that this guy's out there shooting a bunch people."

But the unsubstantiated theories don't end there, as dave j goes on to theorize that one reason why the populace is willing to accept Dorner as a suspected killer is because he "looks a little bit like this guy, who they've been putting in our face all for the last three, four, five days." The "guy" he's referencing is none other than Baltimore Ravens star and Super Bowl XLVII champion Ray Lewis, who looks very little like Dorner, but similar enough that it allows dave j to go further down the strange road his theory traces, by stating that this familiarity with Lewis allows us to accept Dorner's face as that of an alleged cop-killer on the lam.

He then goes on to explain the official story so far of the Dorner manhunt, from his alleged killings to his so-called "escape plan," all of which dave j says "didn't happen," claiming it's instead all a ploy to get ratings for TV stations and to allow the police to take control of the people they supposedly serve and protect.

He dissects a police press conference, alleging that authorities have chosen Dorner as "the unknown bogeyman" who we are all supposed to "hate" and "want to go away," all so that the police can set up further surveillance methods and get us to willingly give up our civil rights.

"If you still believe this happened, do the work and you will find out nothing makes sense. ... It is all there to terrorize you," he claims. "Stop believing these lies, please. Just be free in Jesus Christ and use your Christ mind."

The reference to Jesus is not surprising, as his profile description is the following quote of the Holy Bible's 2 Corinthians 12:9:

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

As dave j says in his clip, "it's all Hollywood." He claims to be referencing the Dorner manhunt, but is it a more apt description of his video? Click play below to watch his conspiracy theory video and judge for yourself.