It’s unsurprising that fans of the NBC series “Constantine” went to great lengths to get the title character back on television after the show’s cancellation: After all, it deals heavily with characters intimately acquainted with the world of the dead. Now, fueled by a deal cut this year between the Peacock Network and the CW, a new rumor indicates the title character may make his way to another superhero spinoff series.

Matt Ryan apparently is looking to reprise his role as John Constantine during appearances in the superhero team-up series “Legends of Tomorrow,” according to  Bleeding Cool, which cites anonymous inside information on the matter. The rumor suggests that because Ryan’s Constantine was introduced as a special guest star on a crossover episode with “Arrow,” he’s been established in the ever-growing DC Comics TV universe, which encompasses “Arrow” and “The Flash,” as well as “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Although Constantine isn’t expected to return to “Arrow” any time soon, the rumor indicates the character may be poised to join “Legends of Tomorrow” in its second season. It’s worth mentioning that the rumor comes from an unconfirmed source and, given that “Legends” hasn’t even premiered yet, the idea of Constantine joining the cast of characters should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, Bleeding Cool later posted an update to its article, putting the speculation in better context.

However, given the outpouring of support by fans of NBC’s former series, as well as the actor’s alleged desire to return to the role, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to see more of the paranormal warrior on the CW. The idea would be for the “Legends” cast to change dramatically after Season 1, leaving room for the addition and subtraction of new characters. Although Constantine doesn’t quite fit the mold of some of the other heroes on the power team, his arrival could augur the introduction of magic to the show, something that appears to be under way on “Arrow.” 

Bearing in mind “Legends of Tomorrow” exists just as a trailer at this point, a lot can happen between now and whenever any kind of Season 2 decisions would need to be made. However, as ScreenRant noted, Constantine’s comic-book origins and storylines contain a great deal of fodder that could make for a good TV adaptation within “Legends,” but only time will tell what the network has in mind.