Corey Lewandowski
Corey Lewandowski leaves New York's Four Seasons Hotel after a meeting with Donald Trump and Republican donors on June 9, 2016. Trump dismissed the campaign manager last month. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Corey Lewandowski, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump and now a paid CNN commentator, got testy with fellow commentator Christine Quinn Monday morning. Defending his former boss’s attacks on the family of Humayun Khan — a Muslim Iraq war veteran who in 2004 was killed in the line of duty — Lewandowski told Quinn to back off when she reached over and touched his arm.

“Don’t touch me,” Lewandowski snapped at Quinn, with whom he has had a testy on-air relationship with in the past. Just a month ago, Quinn told Lewandowski that he had to be quiet when debating an allegedly racist tweet sent by Trump that some felt was anti-Semitic.

The two were discussing whether or not Trump’s attack on Ghazala Khan for standing by quietly as her husband Khizr Khan discussed their dead son at last week’s Democratic convention.

“They become a political family when you stand in front of 20 million people at a Democratic” convention, Lewandowski said during the segment, arguing that speaking at a political event took away the Khan family’s shield of living as a private citizen.

Quinn said that service members and their families frequently attack American leadership.

“Presidents of both parties rarely ever, maybe never, attack the families because being a leader being a commander in chief sometimes means rising above,” Quinn said.

Twitter users quickly noted what they saw as hypocrisy in Lewandowski’s reaction to physical touch. In April, Lewandowski was accused of and seen on video grabbing the arm of reporter Michelle Fields at an event in Florida. Lewandowski, in the ensuing scandal, called Fields “delusional” for her account of the incident, and refused to apologize.

But while Lewandowski had his detractors following the encounter with Quinn, he did have some support. An unofficial Twitter account set up with the same name as Trump to support the candidate claimed that the former manager was quite the catch for CNN.