Corinne Olympios may not be winning over the hearts of “The Bachelor” viewers, but it looks like she may have found love somewhere along the way. A recent photograph of the Miami native, hailed as the villain on the latest installment of the ABC dating competition, has raised some questions about her relationship status.

Corinne posed for a photo with social media celebrity Claudia Oshry — known to followers as @GirlWithNoJob — sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring. The business mogul posed with her left hand on Claudia’s shoulder, putting the ring on display for all the world to see. The caption poked fun at Corinne’s admission that she is still cared for by a nanny at the age of 24, but made no mention of marital status. Entertainment Tonight is said to have reached out to ABC and Warner Bros. for comment to no avail.

While Corinne may be preparing to head down the aisle, it seems it may not be Nick Viall who popped the question. While there is no definitive proof, spoiler blogger Reality Steve reported before Season 21 of “The Bachelor” kicked off that he knew which four contestants made it to the final four. Corinne was named among them, though she was not expected to win Nick’s heart. The blogger speculated that Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi will join her in the final four. Corinne is believed the be the first of the small group of ladies that will be sent home.

Nick is thought to end up with “Bachelor” contestant Vanessa Grimaldi, whom he already seems to have a great connection with. The pair went on their first solo date during Season 21, episode 3. Vanessa left the “Bachelor” mansion to meet her man for a gravity defying date. The two then boarded a Zero G plane to find out what it feels like to go into space. Things were going smoothly until the lack of gravity got to Vanessa and caused her to vomit. Nick was a gentleman, however, and the pair continued their date. After the plane ride they went out for dinner where they engaged in some meaningful conversation.

Although Nick and Vanessa’s date went well, the Canadian native “The Bachelor” contestant remained confused about her suitors motives. She confronted him during a pool party at the house, questioning his reason for appearing on the franchise for a fourth time. Vanessa suggested that his actions — especially as they related to Corinne — made it seem like he wasn’t serious in his pursuit of love. She told him, flat out, that she was judging him for buying into Corinne’s antics, which seemed to strike a chord.

Corinne has been vocal with her critics, firing back on social media each time she comes under attack for behaving a certain way on “The Bachelor,” but has yet to address engagement rumors. It is unlikely that she will, given the fact that she is still on the show competing for Nick’s heart.

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