Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, remains a key swing state in the upcoming election. The five most recent polls show Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a slim lead over President Trump.

A CNBC/Change Research survey shows Biden with 48% support, compared to Trump’s 45%. A survey from St.Pete Polls shows Biden at 48% support to Trump’s 47%. A Florida Atlantic University poll puts Biden at 53% to Trump’s 47%.

Trump has registered his Mar-a-Lago residence in West Palm Beach as his official voting address. Politico reported on Tuesday that Trump is considering rehiring Susie Wiles, a Republican political consultant who managed his Florida campaign in 2016, to help him win the state a second time.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a close ally of Trump, has been positioning to bring the Republican National Convention to Florida. The event was originally scheduled to be held in North Carolina in August, but Trump decided to move the gathering elsewhere after he feuded with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper. Trump is also gearing up to hold rallies again, and will likely hold frequent campaign events in the state.

The Biden campaign has unveiled a new digital ad in Florida and other swing states titled “Progress,” with the former Vice President promising to act to reverse systemic racism. Racial injustice has become a top issue after protests from the death of George Floyd.

“We’ve got to now vow to make this at least an era of action and reverse the systemic racism with long-overdue concrete changes,” Biden says in the ad.

A key issue that could decide Florida is whether there should be cuts to Medicare and Social Security. The Wall Street Journal in February noted that Trump’s $4.8 trillion budget would include “steep reductions in social-safety-net programs.”

On Monday, a poll published by CNN showed Biden at 55% national support to Trump’s 41%. The general election will take place on Nov. 3.