• Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo shared a two-part Q&A interview with their fans on Instagram
  • Jeremy Vuolo always questions Jinger Duggar's response to his questions
  • Jinger Duggar's fans called her husband Jeremy Vuolo controlling

Jinger Duggar’s fans think her husband Jeremy Vuolo is “controlling.”

The “Counting On” stars are quarantining with their daughter, Felicity. To make things more entertaining and fun for the couple and their fans, Jinger and Jeremy have been sharing clips of them interviewing each other online.

However, in the recent clips, fans were not happy to see Jeremy questioning Jinger’s every answer. It appears to them that he is controlling the “19 Kids and Counting On” star by not allowing her to answer the questions herself.

Jinger and Jeremy made a two-part interview. They shared the first part on Thursday (April 30) and many immediately noticed how controlling Jeremy was. They promised to drop the second part on Friday but didn’t release it until Sunday morning. When the second video was released, fans flooded it with their observations about Jeremy being controlling.

“I've always noticed or had an intuition that Jeremy is a dictator, controlling perfectionist,” one fan wrote.

“Jinger has to adhere to his needs and commands. The change in hair color for starters. What's worse, Jinger was raised and prepared to please her husband. I'm sure Jeremy is very advantageous with this. Ijs”

“Jeremy ‘isn’t going to let you’ Girl you need to get a backbone! He thinks he controls you. God gave you a mind of your own. Use it!!!” another added.

“Jeremy constantly interrupts and try’s to answer for her. Please let her pause and give her answer without talking over her,” one fan commented.

“Very uncomfortable to watch. Jeremy is so very obviously super controlling! Jinger can’t even have her own opinions. Smh!” katiann93 wrote.

“Looks and feels awkward, forced, false and uncomfortable. I hope things are ok between you both. Are yous [sic] ok?” another added while questioning about their relationship.

Meanwhile, another viewer said she was sad while listening to the couple because she wanted to know about their lives and not just any other stuff. “Jeremy is dominating Ginger,” the fan added.

Meanwhile, some viewers are convinced that the couple is happy. In fact, others want more content from the couple while many praised both Jinger and Jeremy.

“You guys are awesome!!” One wrote.

“Y’all are so cute together!” graybeard1960 commented.

“You guys are such a beautiful couple love to listen to,” another added.

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