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  • The couple discovered that their marriage license hadn't been sent to the probate court
  • Most states require a marriage license, and the officiant must return it to the county clerk after the wedding
  • The bride's grandfather was the one who officiated their wedding

A couple discovered that their marriage wasn't "official" after finding their expired marriage license.

In a TikTok video posted Friday, Madalyn Boucher revealed she found that her and her husband William Smitley's marriage license hadn't been sent to the appropriate court after their wedding and had expired nine days before her discovery.

She said she made the discovery while she was looking for their marriage certificate, which she needed to sign her husband up for TRICARE, a healthcare program for military members, Insider reported.

"This is the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimize our marriage," Boucher said in the TikTok video. "It expired nine days ago — we are not married. We spent $30,000 — not for a wedding — but for a f---ing social gathering."

"Now we have to go to the courthouse and get married," she said while holding up a glass of wine. "Congrats!"

Boucher's grandfather officiated the wedding, she said.

Most states require a marriage license, and the officiant must return it to the county clerk after the wedding, according to Insider.

Still, the couple wasn't angry about the situation. It was the first ceremony her grandfather officiated, Boucher shared in a follow-up video posted Saturday.

Boucher took some time to answer "common" questions from TikTok users regarding her first video.

In response to the question of why they did not return it instead, Boucher said that they hadn't returned the certificate because, according to instructions from the probate court, returning the license to the court was the "sole responsibility" of the officiant and not the married couple's responsibility. The court prohibits the couple from returning it themselves.

"I did give him the option to leave if he wanted to because it would be the cheapest divorce," Boucher joked. "And he didn't."

Her husband responded, "Fours don't get tens."

Boucher also explained that they did not "place our entire marriage off of the government's approval." However, she said they still needed to be legally married to enroll in healthcare within a designated enrollment window.

In their update, Boucher said they went to the courthouse to inquire about the matter.

Though the couple was 10 days over the expiration date for their marriage license, Boucher said the courthouse was willing to "make an exception" and legalized their marriage.

"We're officially married now," she told viewers.

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