• Sharon Finlay and Germain Jackson were caught by police allegedly engaging in a sex act
  • Police said three alcoholic beverages were also found near the couple at the time 
  • The two of them were arrested for possession of an open container

A couple was arrested last Friday after police caught them allegedly engaging in a sexual act and drinking alcohol at a children's playground in Indian River County, Florida. 

Officers at approximately 9:10 a.m. were responding to a complaint of a homeless couple having sex at Pocahontas Park located in 2140 14th Avenue when they caught the duo allegedly in the middle of a sex act, The Smoking Gun reported, citing an arrest affidavit by the Vero Beach Police Department.

According to police, the woman, identified as 52-year-old Sharon Finley, was lying on her back face up with her shorts pulled around her ankles and her legs spread apart, exposing her vagina. At the same time, the man, identified as 44-year-old Germain Jackson, was on top of Finley — or Finn, as stated in the affidavit — with "his face within the crotch area of Finn's body."  

When authorities asked what they were doing, Finley told them they were "making out," while Jackson replied, "I was eating some pussy."

Police also discovered three alcoholic beverages near the two, including a can of Four Loko Gold beer and a clear Gulf Crest vodka bottle that were almost empty as well as an additional Four Loko Gold that was sealed.

Finn had told police that they "were both drinking the Four Loko and the Vodka, you only live once."

The affidavit indicated that the responding officer could detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming out of Finlay and Jackson's mouths.

The two were arrested in violation of City Ordinance Sec. 6-6 for possession of an open container. They were then transported to the Indian River County Jail, where they currently remained as of Tuesday in lieu of a $500 bond.

According to the police report, there were no further complainants who reported seeing the incident at the time of the arrest.

Finn and Jackson are scheduled to appear before court on July 6 for their arraignment on the misdemeanor charge.

soda-466542_1920 Representation. Police said Sharon Finn and Germain Jackson, aged 52 and 44, respectively, were caught engaging in a sexual act and drinking alcoholic beverages at a children's park. Photo: Pixabay