To the surprise of practically no one, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are getting separated, and the 19-year-old wife says her plastic surgery caused tension in their relationship. The teen bride, who married the “Green Mile” actor when she was just 16, claims he didn’t like her hair extensions and her new breast implants.

The aspiring actress, who told E! News Nov. 5 that she was splitting from her 53-year-old husband, said even though Hutchison might have influenced her career, he didn’t have any say over what she did to her body.

“Physically speaking, he was not involved in that,” Stodden said. “That's actually one aspect of our relationship where we fought so much. He did not want me to, for instance, get hair extensions. He fought me tooth and nail, he's like, ‘I do not want you to get hair extensions.’”

During the interview, the teenager was covered in body glitter and wore bright pink lipstick and a red velvet dress. She said of her estranged husband: “He was so in love with me and he was, like, ‘You're beautiful the way you are,’ kind of like the au naturel, organic thing.”

Stodden added: “He was like, ‘You're beautifully organically, why would you change something that's perfect?’”

But Hutchison’s objection to his teen bride’s plastic surgery only made her more defiant. “That made me want to do it more!” she said. “So, he just loved me so much the way that I was. But you know, I'm happier now.”

The duo appeared on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy” in 2012, where many of the other cast members were perplexed over their relationship. Co-star Nik Richie even told the Huffington Post at the time Stodden had made sexual advances when Hutchison was there.

“Courtney made sexual advances at me every time we were alone in the house. She didn't care -- she even did it in front of Doug and he was cool with it. It got so bad I had to have a meeting with producers to tell her to stop because I didn't want to go to jail,” he said.

But Richie didn’t stop there. He accused Stodden of being high on prescription pills and called their marriage a sham. "I think their entire relationship in contrived. This is a desperate attempt by Courtney's mom to use Doug to fulfill a dream and/or sexual fantasy she could never have,” Richie added. “Courtney doesn't love Doug -- she is too young and too high on meds to even know what love is. I get the feeling she is hiding a lot of dark secrets. What child marries a creepy old man who courted her online and in email? That is 'Dateline' style.”

Check out the video below where Stodden told E! News about the couple's fight over her breast implants: