Netflix gave a live-action treatment to Japanese sci-fi anime "Cowboy Bebop." The streaming giant released a teaser of the upcoming series based on the anime Tuesday.

The action-packed series consists of 10 episodes and revolves around three bounty hunters, played by Daniella Pineda, John Cho and Mustafa Shakir.

The two-minute, 27-second teaser starts with a cartoonish setting and enters into the real world where all three characters are introduced simultaneously.

Shakir – who plays Jet Black – informs that "there's a new bounty on the line" and Cho – who plays Spike Spiegel – asks if it's "worth the trouble?" The teaser also showed the main villain of the series, Vicious – played by actor Alex Hassell.

Interestingly, the clip featured an original background song, titled "Green Bird," which was popularly played in the "Ballad of Fallen Angels" episode. The song was composed by Japanese composer Yoko Kanno.

"Cowboy Bebop presents… The Lost Session," Netflix wrote on Twitter.

The teaser received a mixed reaction from the anime fans.

One person said, "To the real Bebop fans, this is hella promising," while another noted, "I am so hype for this show, just kinda miffed that Ed [referring to Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, who played one of the protagonists in the anime series] has been left out of...everything."

A user said the series looked different from the anime but editing was really cool.

"Very different from the anime, but I don't hate it," the user wrote. "The editing cuts are cool & the personalities on point! To everyone finding something to pick least they didn't white wash everyone lol (personally, i wish they gave Spike more of his afro but you can't have everything)"

However, some fans felt Netflix was just trying to get some popular anime names to their list.

"This is way too wacky and whimsical compared to the anime. I feel this completely misses the tone and vibe of the original," one user noted.

The series will release on Nov. 19 and it is helmed by director Alex Garcia Lopez.

netflix-5432181_1920 Representation. A pop-up store for Netflix's "Squid Game" show had to be closed after a fight broke outside of the premises. Photo: Pixabay