A video of a street performer dressed up as a cowboy statue interacting with a young boy turns violent when another pedestrian gets a little too close for comfort.

In the beginning, the performer can be seen shaking hands with a young boy before a man approaches and begins rubbing the performer’s face, moving his hat, slapping his cheeks and giving him a wet willy before the performer breaks character and punches the man in the face.

In the video, bystanders can be heard telling the man to leave the cowboy alone before the hit occurs.

The video assault, which took place at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia, earlier this week, currently has more than 5 millions views.

YouTube commenter, HulkSmash05, who claims to be a friend of the man in question, allegedly named “Luke,” said his friend did nothing wrong and filed a complaint after the incident.

“I blame the street performer. Punching a guy is illegal. He should be jailed. That guy did nothing wrong. So what? He touched him and he gets punched for that. Seriously? Arrest the street performer,” he said, stating he wants justice for his friend.

Most commenters on YouTube are siding with the street peformers, calling his actions justified.

“… The physical harassment was started by the other guy. The punch simply ended the confrontation,” said one user, kpriebe007.

“That man was disrespectful to the street performer. He works hard for his money. I'd have kicked the crap out of him. The guy is lucky. In Australia, they WILL beat you to a pulp if you mess with them. Good luck, Mr. Street Performer, you are awesome! :),” said MarineCorpsSnake.

Does this video remind you of anything “Euro Trip” fans -- a robot battle, perhaps?