The Occupy movement has chosen CPAC, this weekend's conservative Woodstock, as their latest target, and it looks like they got quite the reaction from conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. In this video captured by Campus Progress writer Emily Crockett, Breitbart is seen taking a few moments to express his disgust with the Occupiers, even being restrained by security guards at some point.

For the most part he was just shouting Behave yourself! at the top of his lungs, but he also calls the protesters freaks and animals as one woman, presumably an Occupier, tells him to chill. The most shocking part, however, is when, as he's being restrained by a guy in a suit, he starts screaming at the Occupiers, Stop raping people! and then You filthy, creepy, murdering freaks!

Afterwards, a girl can be heard saying to her friend in disbelief, I've never raped anybody—I don't know who he's talking to! I've never raped anybody!