Criminal Minds
Damon Gupton joins “Criminal Minds” as seasoned profiler Stephen Walker in Season 12. CBS

Criminal Minds” fans have endured their fair share of cast shakeups this year. The CBS crime show saw the departure of original cast member Shemar Moore, who expertly played Derek Morgan. Then, the fandom was blindsided when Thomas Gibson, the actor who superbly portrayed Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) Chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, was abruptly fired for allegedly assaulting a writer and producer on set.

In order to fill the void left by Moore, Adam Rodriquez was added to the team in order to catch escaped convicts and serial killers. Now, “Criminal Minds” has added Damon Gupton to the BAU as Gibson’s replacement. He will play a seasoned profiler named Stephen Walker. Gupton will be introduced to viewers in Wednesday’s episode, titled “Scarecrow,” on Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Fans are, understandably, unhappy with the recent addition to the cast. Several fans have clamored for the return of Gibson on the official Facebook page of “Criminal Minds.” Read some of the comments below:

Of course, not all are against Gupton’s addition to the long-running crime procedural. Some fans have lent their support to the show and pointed out that, in the past, “Criminal Minds” has also had many cast changes. In spite of these changes that have taken place in over twelve years since it’s been on air, the series has garnered significant ratings.

In Wednesday’s episode of “Criminal Minds,” which is also the Season 12 fall finale, the BAU will travel to Washington where a dozen bodies will be uncovered along a creek bed. The team will also welcome Stephen Walker as their newest member. Emily Prentiss will continue to be the new Unit Chief.

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