Criminal Minds
Matthew Gray Gubler directed a creepy “Criminal Minds” episode titled “Elliot's Pond.” Catch the episode on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. CBS

CBS TV series “Criminal Minds” is serving up a spooky and suspense-filled episode next week. This week, the crime series explored bullies and bullying in high school when two families were murdered and each one had a sole survivor. What will happen in Season 12, episode 6?

Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor who superbly portrays Dr. Spencer Reid, has directed the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 12. Gubler is known to direct episodes that up the creep factor. In Season 10, the actor introduced the notorious mind-controlling Unsub named Mr. Scratch in the episode “Mr. Scratch.”

In episode 6, titled “Elliott’s Pond,” three children will mysteriously disappear while riding their bikes on a path. According to the synopsis (via SpoilerTV), the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) will soon discover that somebody else disappeared on the same path 30 years ago and the police never caught the kidnapper or murderer. In fact, that someone who disappeared 30 years ago was never found.

The eerie promo of this “Criminal Minds” episode gives us more clues about the case. It reveals that when a mental institution was burned to the ground, the inmates started running the asylum. Somehow, the disappearance is connected to this insane asylum that is run by the inmates. Yikes!

Gubler shared some photos of “Elliot’s Pond” on his Instagram account. One photo shows a house that is prominently featured in episode. Gubler said that he designed the house to look like his dream house. In another photo, the former model states that he directed the episode and promises that it will “spook your socks off.” One can guess that the children/actors in the picture are the ones that go missing in the episode.

Don’t miss the Gubler directed episode of “Criminal Minds” on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.