Three tourists were terrified while in Australia when a crocodile was caught on video leaping at one of the tourists. Screenshot

In what can be dubbed one of the scariest videos of the year, three Swedish tourists were terrified when a crocodile leaped at them in Australia, all caught on video.

According to BBC, Swedish tourists Felix Andersson, Jakob Hellberg and Ulrik Bergsland were swimming at Litchfield National Park in Australia when they spotted a crocodile.

“We were swimming, testing out our new underwater cameras and we saw the crocodile," Andersson told BBC. "We started going closer and I swear that I was hidden by the rock but as the cameraman got closer."

That's when the crocodile jumped from the rocks onto one of the tourists.

"I guess it just wanted to get back in the water so it jumped. It landed on my shoulder … I was really shocked. I went straight underwater and swam away."

In retrospect, Andersson said it didn't appear that the crocodile was trying to attack them, but rather the tourists were too close to its comfort zone.

"People are saying that we were really stupid for doing that, and after watching the video, I have to agree," he said.