“The Crown” Season 2 is almost here. After debuting in November 2016, tons of Netflix subscribers binged the series and have been waiting for new episodes ever since. They’ll have to wait just a few more months for Season 2 to premiere on the streaming platform.

All episodes of “The Crown” Season 2 will be released Friday, Dec. 8. As usual, the episodes will hit Netflix at 3 a.m. EDT and 12 a.m. PDT. Watch the new trailer for Season 2 above.

“The Crown” follows the reign of England’s Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy). The first season explored her life from the beginning her marriage in 1947 through her first years on the throne. The period drama left off in 1955, and Season 2 will pick up not long after. Expect the new episodes to cover 1956 through 1964.

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In Season 2, the Queen will face the Suez Crisis and handle the scandalous affair of John Profumo, the Secretary of State for War, and a teen model. She will also meet President John F. Kennedy (Michael C. Hall) and his wife Jackie (Jodi Balfour).

The Crown Season 2 release date Queen Elizabeth II will still have trouble balancing her duties as a monarch with her responsibilities as a wife in “The Crown” Season 2, which premieres Dec. 8. Photo: Netflix

“The Kennedys were a real symbol of the ’60s and the world moving forward, and the Queen is very much stuck in the past at that point. It’s a real wake-up call,” Foy teased to Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, the issue the Queen will always face is balancing her reign with her family. She’ll have two more children in Season 2, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, but her marriage with Prince Philip (Matt Smith) still faces trouble.

“I think [Queen Elizabeth] starts to realize she needs to pay more attention to her personal life now that the other part of her life is going all right,” Foy hinted. “She’s neglected her personal life, so there are all sorts of things she has to sort out.”

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Foy told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month that the character’s evolution follows her truly becoming more of an adult and recognizing how modern society is shifting. “She realizes that but then the world is changing around her and she can’t keep up really — and the monarchy can’t keep up,” the British actress revealed. “Also, she’s in a different part of her life. She’s moving into middle age and her marriage is changing. So you do follow someone from infancy to adulthood in that way. She was so naïve and sheltered to get to a point where she sees the world more clearly — and that can be quite a humbling experience. I feel like I’ve lived with her through that.”

“The Crown” Season 2 is highly anticipated by audiences. After all, the show has been getting nothing but love from awards shows all year. Currently, the period drama has Emmy nominations for best drama series, lead actress (Foy), supporting actor (John Lithgow), directing, writing, title design, production design, casting, dramatic score and cinematography. Earlier this year, the series won multiple statues at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and BAFTAs.