“Game of Thrones” actor Joel Fry has been cast as the bumbling dognapper Jasper in the upcoming live-action film “Cruella.” The plot of the film will be about the life of the main villain from “101 Dalmatians” from her younger days.

Jasper used to work for the villain Cruella de Vil in the original Disney cartoon. That role will now be played by Fry in the live-action film, Variety reported.

The plot of the upcoming film will be about a young Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone). In the cartoon the villain had two bumbling crooks working for her. While Fry plays the role of Jasper, the role of the other crook Horace will be played by Paul Walter Hauser,

The prequel may explain how the two criminals Jasper and Horace will eventually start working for Cruella. The two of them may be seen working for Baroness at the start of the film, Screen Rant reported.

Jasper and Horace have been used as comedic relief in the cartoon and the 1996 live action film, with the two of them bungling their boss’ plans more than helping her achieve her goals. It remains to be seen how the characters will be portrayed in the upcoming “Cruella” film.

The main object of the previous films has been Cruella’s obsession with fur, and kidnapping 101 Dalmatians to achieve her goals. Since the upcoming film a prequel, with a younger version of the villain, her objective may be slightly different.

Emma Thompson has been confirmed as another big cast member of the film, Variety reported. Details about her character are currently being kept under wraps, but there have been rumors that she will be playing Baroness.

The script of the film is currently being written. Tony McNamara wrote the latest draft.

“Cruella” will be released on Dec. 23, 2020. The film will be directed by Craig Gillespie.

"Cruella" live-action movie will be a prequel. Cruella de Vil/Facebook