• "Cult of the Lamb" mixes top-down action combat with colony management mechanics
  • The game features morbid cultish themes featuring cute animal people
  • A free demo is available on Steam

The Devolver Digital showcase at Summer Game Fest 2022 included “Cult of the Lamb,” a top-down, 2D game featuring cute and cuddly animal people performing cruel and morbid demon god worship.

Developed by Massive Monster, “Cult of the Lamb” puts players in the hooves of the world’s last lamb as they are sacrificed in front of four eldritch beings. However, as the executioner’s ax falls, the lamb’s soul is saved by The One Who Waits, a mysterious god shackled in a different realm of existence.

The One Who Waits offers the lamb salvation in exchange for establishing a cult in his name. With “yes” and “absolutely” as the only options, the lamb then inherits the god’s Red Crown and becomes his new, unholy avatar.

There’s a stark and striking difference between “Cult of the Lamb’s” look and theme. At a glance, it looks like an ordinary 2D action game – until the dark rituals, live sacrifices and the rest actual cult part comes in. This is all part of the game’s charm, and it executes it in a way that’s both stylish and responsive.

Gameplay-wise, “Cult of the Lamb” is separated into two sections. Much of the game will involve fighting enemies and hunting down bosses in “Binding of Isaac”-like dungeon delves. The combat is fast and frantic, and it involves melee weapons paired with magic attacks.

There are a few roguelike elements, such as randomized weapons, temporary upgrades and procedural levels, and each segment leads to a final showdown against an area boss.

Meanwhile, when players aren’t going on crusades, they are tasked with growing and managing their cult. Recruit followers, construct buildings and worship The One Who Waits as part of the agreement.

Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the four existing gods of the realm and get The One Who Waits back to the top of the pantheon.

“Cult of the Lamb” is due to release on Aug. 11. However, a free demo is currently available on Steam. It features the opening section of the game as well as a relatively short dungeon run and an introduction to the base building systems.

Cult of the Lamb's four main antagonists
Cult of the Lamb's four main antagonists Massive Monster