People who are currently on quarantine in their homes will probably be searching for good shows to binge-watch right now. Netflix has been a popular site for these shows. One show, in particular, has the current COVID-19 situation to thank for its return.

The CW’s “Containment” aired for only one season in 2016 after it failed to pick up. According to CBR, the show found its way on Netflix and is currently enjoying unprecedented success. One reason for that is, during the outbreak, people are looking for similarly-themed TV series and movies. This also includes the Netflix original “Pandemic”, which is at #9 on a list of Netflix’s top most-watched TV shows in the U.S.

“Containment,” which holds the tenth position on that spot, focuses on a situation in Atlanta, Georgia, which leaves the residents of a home in lockdown after a deadly outbreak forces the city to be quarantined.

The TV series joins a list of others with a focus on pandemics and what people will do during a lockdown, similar to what is happening today. Huff Post reported how “Containment” performed poorly during its time on The CW. “Pandemic,” for its part, opened on Netflix to very little attention. Little did the streaming service know that it would be popular only a few weeks later.

People aren’t solely looking for virus-themed content and end-of-world scenarios on the streaming service. A docuseries, “Tiger King”, has also been making noise. It is a Netflix Original that follows the life of a larger-than-life zoo owner. Last week’s new series “Feel Good” hasn’t made the list yet, however, since it only debuted last week. Viewers and followers are expecting it to be on this list because of how much fanfare it made when it came out.

“Containment” was based on Belgian counterpart “Cordon." “Pandemic” is a docuseries that follows the intricacies of finding cures for different types of influenza.

Netflix on a phone Netflix's logo is pictured on a mobile device. Photo: AFP / Alastair Pike