Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have had another trick up his sleeve when he launched the Cybertruck in November in Los Angeles with the help of a hologram woman. Cybergirl kicked off the electric-truck launch and had a striking resemblance to Musk’s girlfriend, Grimes, causing many to speculate that it was actually her.

Grimes, or cybergirl she has been dubbed, caused quite a stir on social media as she had a telltale sign that it may have been the singer-producer. A leg tattoo on cybergirl appeared to look like the same one that Grimes has, causing fans to guess that she was the muse behind the blond-wigged hologram woman, Business Insider reported.

Cybergirl was not introduced at the time of the Cybertruck launch, nor was she credited, but she did lead the crowd to its creator, Musk. She said during the event, “Los Angeles, November 2019. The skies are polluted. The world is addicted to oil. But we're here to offer a solution: the Cybertruck.

“The No. 1 mode of transport for a cybergirl. The greatest evolution in vehicular fashion and function. I now present to you, my creator.”

One of the first times that Musk and Grime were seen together in public was at the 2017 Met Gala. The couple met through a joke about artificial intelligence and have been dating for years.