• "Cyberpunk 2077" teases a new gang that will be featured in the game
  • "The Mox" is described as "those who protect working girls and guys"
  • The game is slated for a September release after being delayed

“Cyberpunk 2077” may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean CD Projekt Red won’t be teasing fans about their upcoming game.

Months after staying silent about the details of the game, CD Projekt Red took to Twitter to drop an interesting revelation about the highly anticipated role-playing video game. In their announcement, the developer and publisher unveiled a brand new faction called “The Mox.”

In their reveal, the team behind “Cyberpunk 2077” described the gang as the protectors of “working girls and guys” who are suffering from abuse and violence.

“Formed in 2076 after the death of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, a strip club owner & ex-prostitute who treated her workers fairly and defended them from violent clients, The Mox refer to themselves as “those who protect working girls and guys” from violence and abuse,” the Twitter announcement read.

One of the most interesting features of “Cyberpunk 77” is its list of cool gangs that make for an interesting story. However, what made the addition of “The Mox” noteworthy is that it is totally new in the game.

Other gangs coming to the game include the Voodoo Boys, NetWatch and the Animals, all of which are dominating their respective districts or territories.

Aside from “The Mox,” CD Projekt RED's global community lead Marcin Momot also teased about more teasers and details coming about the game. In a separate tweet, he noted that “The Mox” is just the first of a series of posts about corporations and gangs in the Cyberpunk reiteration.

The first entry in the series of posts talking about corporations and gangs that you will be able to encounter in the streets of Night City. Stay tuned for more!” Momot wrote on his tweet.

“Cyberpunk 77” was initially slated to be released this April 16, 2020. However, CD Projekt Red announced last January that their launch will be delayed, noting that they needed more time due to the “scale and complexity of the game.”

The game is currently in development and is now scheduled for a September 17, 2020 release – that is if the coronavirus pandemic won’t push back their release date. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia.