A Texas dad allegedly took his suspicions about “12-12-12” a little too far after police say he carved a pentagram on his son because the unique date is a “holy day.”

The dad, 39-year-old Brent Troy Bartel, was arrested on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges for allegedly carving a pentagram on his 6-year-old son, police told WFAA in Dallas.

Police went to the Richland Hills, Tex., home shortly after midnight on 12-12-12 and found blood on the door of the house.

“I shed some innocent blood,” Bartel allegedly told a 911 dispatcher. When probed further by the dispatcher, the dad added, “I inscribed a pentagram on my son.”

Asked why he carved a pentagram on his son, Bartel said, “because it’s a holy day,” according to WFAA.

The condition of Bartel’s 6-year-old son is unclear, but the boy was taken to a hospital, My Fox Austin reported. He was released to his mother later in the day, according to WFAA.

The pentagram was carved into the boy’s back. The Richmond Hills Police Department believes the pagan symbol was inscribed using a box cutter, according to My Fox Austin.

Wednesday’s date, “12-12-12” is a once-in-a-century event. The next time the date will appear is Dec. 12, 2112.

Bartel is jailed in North Richmond Hills after being unable to make his $500,000 bond, according to WFAA.

A neighbor called police after the boy’s mother rushed to her home and told her Bartel had a knife, WFAA reported. The mother was heard saying, “he’s trying to hurt my 6-year-old,” referring to Bartel.

Officers found the son shivering and only wearing pajama pants. A large pentagram was carved into his back, according to the Dallas station.

Richmond Hills Police Department spokesman Sgt. Nathan Stringer commented on the bizarre incident.

"This is something you normally hear about in the movies, not something you expect to see," he told WFAA.

Neighbor Joyce Pierce told the station there were no signs that Bartel was capable of allegedly carving a pentagram into his son’s back.

"It breaks your heart, because I didn't know he was capable of doing that," she said. "We will be praying for all of them because we don't know what went wrong."

Police told WFAA that there were domestic violence incidents at the Richland Hills home but no signs that the son was ever harmed.

The case is being investigated by Child Protective Services and a crime victim liaison, according to WFAA.