A 9-year old girl, known as "Dafne," gave birth last month in Mexico, but she will never have children again.

The Daily Mail reports that doctors sterilized the girl against the wishes of her mother. 

Authorities are looking to prosecute the boy who impregnated her.

Dafne was “just over 8 when she got pregnant,” her mother told authorities in Jalisco state, according to the Indian Express.

“The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him, since he ran away," she went on to say. 

The pregnant 9-year-old gave birth in Zoquipan Hospital to a 5.9-pound baby and was released from the hospital recently.

"We are looking for the young man to get his story, because she does not understand what has happened,” Jorge Villasenor of the state prosecutors' office said. “This is a rape or child sex abuse case." 

“Her parents work all day and were not watching after her,” Lino Ginzalez Corona of the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office added. 

Authorities are now seeking not only the 17-year-old father, but also Dafne’s parents, after it was alleged that her stepfather beat her often, shared baths with her and slept in the same bed with her on multiple occasions.

“What he has done has shamed our family," a relative of the stepfather told the Daily Mail. "I don't know why the girl's mother lets him carry on the way he has. They're both liars and I think it's terrible what has happened.

"Dafne is a child. She's just a child. The girl's mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens.” 

The family has since fled their home.