Jon Stewart
Comedian Jon Stewart tapes Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" at the University of Denver Reuters

The Weekly Standard blog posted a video today of a camel in Madison, Wisconsin. According to the blog, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brought a camel to the protests in Wisconsin, apparently to poke fun at the Cairo/Madison comparisons.

Turns out camels cannot stand on the ice filled streets of the Midwest. The video, taken by Madison blogger Jack Craver, show the animal slip and fall when one of its legs gets trapped in a barricade.

Local firefighters eventually rescued the camel. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that The Daily Show did not use any footage of the camel on its show.

Toward the end of the video it appears that Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, who was in Madison reporting, walks in front of the camera and urges the cameraman to turn the video off.

Scroll down to view the video of the camel.