Will the Ewings be able to save Anne and Emma in Episode 13 of "Dallas" Season 3? TNT

Last week’s “Dallas” was the most shocking episode of Season 3 yet. After Ewing Global went public, all hell broke loose on the TNT drama. Now the Ewings and the Rylands must reconcile their differences if they are going to survive in episode 13, “Boxed In,” airing Monday, Sept. 15. The synopsis for the new episode has been released revealing that things will get tense as the families deal with episode 12’s surprising kidnapping.

In the last episode, The Ewings realized that through a combination of Nicholas’s ruthlessness and John Ross’s naiveté, they had lost the company to the cartel, who was using Hunter McKay as a front. Meanwhile, after Emma soured relations with the cartel for the Rylands, Judith and Harris tried to set things straight. When the episode ended, both families were at the mercy of the cartel with Christopher unable to find Nicholas and Elena while the Rylands discovered that Emma and Anne had been kidnapped.

The synopsis for episode 13 reveals that some surprising alliances will form to deal with the shocking developments of the previous episode. John Ross and Pamela apparently reach some sort of a truce (the couple has been on the rocks, to say the least, all season after Pamela found out about his affair). Last we saw of John Ross he had discovered the Rylands’ connections to the cartel. Pamela, on the other hand, had coldly refused her father’s pleas to help him get out of prison. What will the ruthless couple pull off now that they’re working together again?

Meanwhile, Bobby and Christopher will be desperately trying to save the family. Christopher’s search for Elena will continue in episode 13, while she will be in danger after finding out the truth about Nicholas. The synopsis also reveals that Bobby will “put it all on the line to save lives.” Desperate to redeem himself after the letter got out, he may stop at nothing to save Emma and Anne. The promo for “Boxed In” even shows him turning to Harris Ryland for help.

Tune in next week to find out what will happen to Anne and Emma after the kidnapping. Can Bobby and the Ewings save their lives? “Dallas” returns with episode 13 on Monday, Sept. 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

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