President Donald Trump has shared his concern about the United States Postal Service in recent months as mail-in voting surrounding the 2020 U.S. presidential election continues to be looked at as a viable option due to the coronavirus pandemic. While he has stated his belief that going that route could result in voter fraud and corruption, former "CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather has voiced his own opinion about why he believes the POTUS does not like the USPS.

On Sunday, Rather took to Twitter and stated that he wonders if President Trump does not like the Postal Service "because it delivers," as seen below.

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Rather is not alone in his belief that Trump's aversion to the agency has to do with mail-in voting potentially leading to a loss against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden as vice-presidential contender Stacey Abrams recently made similar comments.

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday, Abrams discussed the issue and the effects she believes it could have on the 2020 election.

"Absentee ballots work, as [Trump] admits, and that's the exact same thing as mail-in ballots, vote-by-mail, it's all the same job," Abrams stated.

"...We will not be able to effectively count the votes of every eligible American because [Trump's] doing his best to undermine our confidence in the process, but worst he's doing best to actually steal the vote by undermining the postal service," added the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate.

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President Trump's new appointment of postmaster general Louis DeJoy has also created the narrative that the POTUS is "politicizing another once-nonpartisan government agency," as stated by NBC News' opinion writers Donald K. Sherman, the deputy director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and Sylvia Albert, the director of voting and elections at Common Cause.

According to the July 19 writeup, putting DeJoy into the aforementioned position also "potentially puts November's election at risk" as "installing a loyalist like DeJoy is another way Trump could undermine the agency and suppress voting in 2020."

dan rather
Television news anchor Dan Rather speaks during an interview in New York on Nov. 7, 2006. REUTERS/Keith Bedford